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Books by Tony Kearney.

I have written three books that complement and supplement the work I do.  More details about them follow below including how to order

copies either via Amazon or Lulu and Authorhouse.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

Who Owns the Future?

This book merges themes of environmentalism, philosophy, science, psychology, language, sociology, metaphysics, religion, gender relationships, politics, poverty, population and much more towards finding frameworks about how the human race can address the awesome challenges facing it both now and into the future.


The book pulls no punches about the peril of our current situation, but essentially offers an optimistic and realistic view of the future based on the premise that the human race can successfully change and adapt its behaviour in order to survive and flourish.

The question is however, will it make those changes?  And, will you?


Available on Amazon or from: 




Ever wondered where to begin in thinking about the key questions of life such as:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What am I to make of life?

How do I make meaningful and positive choices about my existence?

How do I find myself in a world gone mostly mad?

And perhaps most importantly of all – how do I wake up and really start to live?


Then don’t worry because Boo! is here to help!


A serious, witty, thought provoking, insightful, myth debunking, intelligent, accessible, and most important of all, an intensely practical guide and aide within the personal development and self help genre.  A psychobabble free zone that will leave you not wondering how or where to begin the journey, but where it might take you next!


Available from Amazon or from:


The Tao of Awe

Welcome to a book about possibly the biggest thing in the whole wide world and maybe even the Universe!
This mystery something called Awe, can’t be measured, weighed, put in a bottle, described in physical terms, nor has anyone ever seen it, tasted it, smelt it or heard it.  But most people, if not all, have certainly felt it at some point in their lives.
It is an enigma, a wonder, a joy, a reverence, a beauty, a love, a longing, a being, a joining, a sharing, a passion, a delight, a feeling, a knowing, an abiding, a sensing, an awareness, a celebration, a flaring, an experience, an essence, a hope, a witnessing, a belief, a participation, an integration and so much more.
No wonder it is the biggest thing in the whole wide world then!

Open this book and find a whole new world inside you.


Available from Amazon or from:

How to be the Best Person in the World



















Second best isn't something to aspire to be in one's life or indeed achieve. After all this could mean that someone else is better at being you than you are! In this practical, useful and hopefully at times funny guide you can learn some ways and means that you can set the bar of your best at much higher than you think you can, but not only that you can also jump it too!

Available from Amazon or from:

Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In
















If we are made up essentially of sunlight as science suggests, then that would seem to imply that the more light we have in our lives the more we are ourselves. In this book there are some very practical ways and means as to how we can not only stand in the truth of our own natural light and all that is and can be, but also how we can share some of that light around. But it needs people to put up their hands and volunteer to be part of the light working for the good of all. For as they say - many hands make light work! :)

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