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Making a Difference.

I believe that respect and ethical integrity are the keys to success and this applies to whether one is running a multinational organization or simply how one conducts oneself in personal relationships.


All successful relationships require honesty, fairness, respect, value, understanding and much more to make them both sustainable and truly rewarding. When we focus on the qualities then the quantities have a funny way of looking after themselves.


When we approach things the other way around things have a strange habit of becoming in short supply. I try to help people and organizations develop these strategies in a professional and effective way using principles of co-operation and collaboration rather than conflict.

I also work in schools with children on issues to do with the environment, sustainability, being inspired and making a difference under the title of Earth and Universe Events.

I have also written three books which I hope encapsulate some of my philosophy and approach towards building sustainable futures at all levels from personal to global:


Who Owns the Future?


The Tao of Awe.


See Books page for more information on the books and how to order copies.


Making a Sameness.

Often in our world we focus on the things that make us different.  But there are certain things that are the same for us all.  We all need air, water, food, warmth and shelter.  And we all share the fact that there is only one Earth and so we need to look after it in the same way that it looks after us all.  If we all share the best of what the good Earth offers us freely and without condition then the future holds great promise and hope for us all.  




I was born in New Zealand where I grew up and studied at University.  Having qualified as a lawyer there I then embarked on travels around the world before settling in London where I practised as a corporate lawyer for nearly 25 years, specialising in amongst other things construction, employment and human rights law. 


In 2006 I moved to Ireland for a life style change (that's me above sitting amongst some of the 9000 trees we have planted on the farm since coming here). It was also an opportunity to further work into areas I was and am passionate about to do with matters of personal, planetary and global change, to building sustainable futures and communities, to working within children’s education programmes, to inspiring them about the future and the changes they can make, to improving gender relations and many other related topics. 


I travel widely taking workshops, seminars, giving talks and working in schools on these subjects and more.  


I now work as an eclectic mix of writer, educator, consultant, trainer, facilitator, farmer and mediator. 


You can find out more about my mediator / trainer / facilitator / consultant work at


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